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      Our Policy for Environment, Health and Safety


      Provide our customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services and assure their safety for usage; Ever since its establishment, Synco has been engaged in providing its customers with products of high performance and fine quality through independent technical innovation and modification of its synthesis routes, selective catalysts as well as clean production processes.


      Assure the reliability of raw materials, intermediates and final products to avoid injury of employees, sellers, customers and final users. Tests, storage and maintenance of materials and equipment are carried out abiding by good practices and strict safety regulations.


      Keep track on evaluation and try to minimize the effects to the environment on each step from research and development to commercialized production. Taking advantage of its competent R&D team, stable manufacturing system and a state-of-the-art quality assurance system, Synco successfully balances its manufacturing and environment protection. Each stage of the process is strictly regulated and matched with relevant protection measures. Synco is devoting itself to develop better routes and processes to achieve even more in the harmony between manufacturing and environment issues.


      Synco well recognizes the role people play in environment protection. For better understanding of environment, health and safety, detailed regulations and standard operation procedures are posted in the plants. It also provides regular education courses for employees on environment and safety issues.