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      Customer Service and Logistics


      Quick and efficient processing and shipment of customer orders are guaranteed by Synco’s Customer Service and Logistics Departments under the ISO Quality Certification and Responsible Care philosophy.

      Price enquiries are answered and orders are confirmed within 24 hours by a competent, collaborative and courteous staff.

      Production campaigns are carefully coordinated to hold stocks in order to punctually meet the customers’ requirements for smooth and just-in-time deliveries of goods.


      Adding Value by effective Solutions


      A pro-active Technical Assistance allows to quickly solve the complex issues regarding application questions. Synco is in a position to suggest to the customers new cost effective solutions and can also offer custom-made blends of products which provide them with immediate, tangible benefits.


      Quality Control

      With the use of last-generation analytical instruments, the Quality Control Lab can verify and guarantee the quality of Synco’s products in every manufacturing phase.

      From the time of raw material arrival, up to the shipment of the finished product, around hundred methods of analysis are utilized to provide a strict and efficient control.

      Thanks to the flexibility and expertise of the Quality Control Laboratory Staff, Synco can quickly and accurately respond to the customer’s requirements.


      Investing in R and D for Sustainable Development

      In collaboration with several institutes and universities both in China and abroad, Synco continues to invest an unusually high 8-10% of its revenue on R&D towards innovation to find new molecules, new applications and novel technologies.